Therefore, what drives Boyd Matheson?


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Every day, tens of thousands of Americans have access to words shared by Boyd Matheson. Some have his words delivered to their front porch or bookmarked on their web browser, others access him via his daily radio show while still others access him on-demand interviewing some of the nation's greatest thought leaders in this, his weekly podcast, "Therefore, What?" But, who is Boyd Matheson? How did this college dropout go on to to be the head of the Sutherland Institute, chief of staff for Utah Sen. Mike Lee, become a regular contributor on CNN and FOX News and end up becoming the opinion editor of the Deseret News? What were the lessons and principles that made him who he is today, and as we celebrate the first 50 episodes of his podcast, what were his biggest takeaways and "therefore" moments.

That and more on this episode of "Therefore, What?"

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